Fatal Hit:Ninja Hero (Unlimited Money)

Fatal Hit : Ninja Hero APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Fatal Hit:Ninja Hero APK: Your great new puzzle obsession,Ninja Dash truned out. How to plasy? Use your finger to plan the ninja dash route. When you release your finger, the ninja will slash and slice the enemies with a critical hit. You have to solve them all by one shot.This puzzle ninja game will test your creative thinking.Use your talent brain in this unique puzzle game to outwit the enemies and bosses.

Fatal Hit : Ninja Hero APK Game Features of Ninja Dash:

1. Kill the enemies by one shot to save hostages. Your dash way is so important.You die or the enemies die. 2.Endless challenge levels.Changing obstacles and bosses need your talent idea. It's not easy to get 3 stars. 3.More skins,props and weapons are coming. 4. Add Ninja dart mode.

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